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Ask for genuine Rudraksha

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We sale Ek Mukhi Round shaped Nepali Rudraksha in reasonable price. Compare our rate and purity with others. We collect Rudraksha directly from reliable suppliers after conducting many tests to know it is genuine.We test the Compartments inside Rudraksha which should  match the number of lines (Mukhi) on it. Contact us for purchasing Rudraksha.

Brief Utility

Ek Mukhi Round Shaped Rudraksha symbolizes divinity, absolute truth and eternity. It is believed that original ek mukhi rudraksha represent Lord Shiv itself. It is considered as supreme of all the rudraksha beads. One who possesses this precious rudraksha is privileged from its fortune. With the effect of its special powers, the owner of one mukhi round rudraksha is benefited with great concentration power.

It is believed that the wearer of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha gets distracted from corporeal affairs and the attitude gets inclined towards god and spirituality. For those with a spiritual and religious bent of mind should certainly go for real ek mukhi gol rudraksha at best price. Further advantage of this bead is the prevention of deadly diseases like eye defects, migraine, heart disease, skin problems, fistula, dyspepsia and lung disease. Due to its magical effects, the pure ek mukhi rudraksha gole dana has become the most expensive and coveted rudraksha worldwide.

Book For Winter Season Produces

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Book For Winter Season Produces
Winter is ahead. Dukpa is collecting available hills produces of the season. If you are interested may inquire and book your requirements.

Presently Potatoes,Carrots,Tomatoes,Cauliflowers produced on hills are available with us. Contact us for rates and availability.Bulk purchasers will get some discounts as admissible.

Always purchase pure hills produces with Dukpa & Co for purity and your full satisfaction.We are the only online dealer of hills products.

Order and Get Rainy Season Hills Produces from us

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Dukpa & Co is ready with their produces and products of rainy season from hills. Different kind of vegetables produced during current season on hills are now available with us.

If you like to place an order please contact us at our phone or by mail.You can get products coming from different hills area at one place.Dukpa.Com is ready at your services. 

Join Dukpa Online Business Now

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join Dukpa Business
Join Dukpa online Business now and earn good profit. If you want to sale your product through Dukpa, you could be able to earn a very good profit.If you want to sale our products,there also you will be able to earn a very good profit.To join with our Business just call us or contact us now.

Want to sale your product / produce through us?

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Dukpa & Co

Are you living at hills of India,Bhutan,Darjeeling,Sikkim,Nepal ? Have you any product or produce for sale?
Do you want to sale your product / produce through Dukpa & Co? If you want to sale through us then please  Call: +91

Hills Produces Available-List

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Here is a list of Hills Produces now available from Dukpa & Co on wholesale basis.Place Your Order now.
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Mushroom
  • Juices
  • Squashes

Orange Wholesale

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Oranges-Dukpa & Co

Order for wholesale Orange. Cheapest Price. Fresh from Garden.  Call: +91

Order Wholesale Make Good Profit

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Apples-Dukpa & Co

Fruits of Winter Season like Orange,Apple are available in Cheap Price. Order for Wholesale.Make Great Profits. Contact :  Call: +91

Dukpa & Co. has launched a special News site

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A special news site has been launched by Dukpa & Co having URL: for helping our customers and visitors. This site will be a great guidance site about latest activities of Dukpa & Co.

This site may help to know all the latest introduced items on Dukpa Store.

5% Discount on Wholesale Orange Purchase

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Avail 5% discount on wholesale purchase of Bhutan Oranges. Minimum Purchase of Rs. 10,000/- Contact us now for details.

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